Traveling Show-Girl… Sorta

In trying to decide what to write about for my first entry on my fancy new website (Thank you Faye Havoc!) I looked up from my blank computer screen at my surroundings and realized “yup, I am figuratively speaking, although not literally, except maybe sometimes a traveling showgirl”.

I am currently sitting on the floor at the Bangkok airport getting ready to board a flight to Kathmandu. I wish I could say that I was traveling to perform but my not-so-muggle job also involves international jet-setting, hotel rooms and long spurts of Canadian wilderness. I’m not going to lie, I am blessed to have an adventurous life and partner in crime.

Sometimes I feel anxious fuelled by some major FOMO when I can’t attend or apply to certain festivals. I cringe over a fear of losing talents because I cannot attend regular dance classes or fitness regimes and of course, I wish I could see all of my pals more than I do… but I remind myself that I have a good life and that there are alternative ways to achieve the things that I wish to achieve.

Life on the road can be lonesome, even with my every-day buddy, so I will be turning to these pages to share with you some of the crazy shit that we do or that goes through my mind, as well as hold myself accountable for one of my biggest challenges: self-motivation. To do or not do those push-ups in the airport, chose fruit over candy and make overall better life choices.

It is here that I will talk about classes that I am hosting so that I can learn and flourish along with my peers, advertise a yearly production that I will be putting on in Nelson, BC and updating you all on the shows and events that I AM able to attend where I sincerely hope to be able to spend some quality time with you.

I have experimented with many classes and hobbies over the years but burlesque has by far captured my heart the most and now that I’m getting a hang of this life that I live with Mr. Wolf, it is time for me to get back on stage once and for all.